JEGS Performance RC Hooligan Monster Truck 4WD

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Just in time for Christmas, explore another world of motorsport and mechanical mayhem with the JEGS Torch and Hooligan RC Monster Trucks. Using powerful high-torque electric motors and waterproof ESC electronics, these trucks are ready for any obstacle. Designed with ample suspension travel means that no jump is too high or course too rough. To finish off the package, tires with aggressive tread patterns help get the power to the ground.

JEGS Hooligan
JEGS Hooligan

The intuitive 2.4GHZ FHSS handheld controller makes piloting your truck a seamless experience. Easily tailored to your driving style, the controller features adjustable steering, braking, and acceleration options.

Beyond performance, vehicle appearance is equally important. Created with realism in mind, the suspension components are designed to match the real thing. The use of elaborate color schemes helps to make each truck stand out from the competition.

To allow for personalization and improved performance, a number of upgraded components are available. Whether running in your backyard or on a competitive track JEGS Monster Trucks will surpass your expectations.Blaze new paths with the JEGS 44500 Hooligan 4×4 monster truck. With customizable control settings and a powerful high torque motor, this truck will transform your R/C experience.

JEGS rc torch 4wd truck
JEGS Torch

The Hooligan makes use of its coil-over suspension, aggressive tread, and high ground clearance, to dominate any terrain it tackles. Looking beyond performance and handling, aesthetics make this monster truck as appealing a decoration as it is a formidable performer. From the wheels to the suspension components, the Hooligan has been designed with realism in mind.

To help make the Hooligan unique to you, JEGS offers a number of upgrades and accessories. Some of the upgrade options include bead lock rings, wheelie bar, revised gearing, and ball bearing upgrades.


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