iSpace2o: DeepSeaker Electric Submersible Hydrofoil is Here

No, Mr Bond. I Expect You to Dive

In a move any Bond villain would be proud of, iSpace2o, an innovative Italian startup, announces the start of production of the first hull of its incredible DeepSeaker DS1 submersible/hydrofoil.

iSpace2o deepseaker hydrofoil at sea

The turning point comes thanks to an Invitalia loan, to the industrial collaboration with William Gobbo who will supply the DeepSpeed electric jet powertrain, to the Giancarlo Zema Design Group studio that will take care of the definitive stylistic lines, and to Blaze Performance, or the team of Formula 1 H2O who will take care of the construction of the hull and the development of the vehicle.

The DeepSeaker opens up a new category of boats capable not only of speeding over the water at over 30 knots, but also of diving and enjoying the wonders of the sea depths.

The DeepSeaker belongs to the range of toys on board large yachts, but in reality it hides a wider market panorama in its soul, which is that of underwater tourist trips to archaeological sanctuaries under the coast or to admire the large coral reefs that in only a few meters of water offer incredible views of submerged nature. The characteristic of these boats is that of ensuring maximum safety of passengers on board and at the same time maximum respect for the surrounding environment. “The technology is now mature and around the planet this kind of boats are starting to have more and more appeal”, mentions Eng. Giuseppe Carusi, CEO of the startup, “iSpace2o, thanks also to its industrial partners, has the ability to position itself at the apex of this market thanks to a high-level technological offer and a unique design, elements that are not always found in products of competitors”.

There will also be the possibility on the part of the large planetary ocean sanctuaries to offer visitors an immersive experience, and this time in the literal sense. The first 10 units of the DeepSeaker have already been optioned by one of the largest international navigation groups, which will use them as a means of entertainment for the passengers of its cruise ships.

iSpace2o thus becomes another Italian reality that aims to change the way people go by sea, all with the utmost environmental respect thanks to it’s electric propulsion – “Inevitably DeepSpeed”