Oil Change Mats, Transition Tubes, and Knee Creepers: Summit Racing

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The Summit Racing Brand parts team have come up from their basement lab with a bunch of new products including mats that contain oil change spills, tubing reducers for custom-fabricated intake and exhaust plumbing, and creepers that let you work without hurting your knees.

Summit Racing Oil Change Mat

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The Oil Change Mat will protect your driveway and garage floor from automotive mayhem. It’s made from a strong, reusable, eco-friendly polyester fiber that’s extremely absorbent to trap and contain spills. A secondary waterproof layer prevents oil, gasoline, coolant, and other automotive fluids from seeping through, and a non-slip, skid-resistant material makes sure the mat stays where you want it. To clean it, simply scrub it with soap, hose off, and hang dry.

Summit Racing Formed Transition Tubes

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The Formed Transition Tubes allow you to adapt different tubing sizes together quickly and neatly. That makes them ideal for building custom air intake and exhaust systems that incorporate turbos, superchargers, or other hardware. The concentric reducers are available in 6061 aluminum for intake plumbing and 304 stainless steel for exhaust systems.

Summit Racing Knee Creeper

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The Knee Creeper lets you work on your vehicle without punishing your back and knees. The high-impact ABS frame features five 2-inch diameter, non-marring swivel castors for easy maneuverability and side-to-side movement. Thick pads cushion your knees and a built-in tray keeps tools and parts handy.


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