Space Campers: New Features for the Cybertruck

Space Ballin’

California startup Space Campers is gearing up for the arrival of the Cybertruck with a revealing glimpse into their prototype camper.

In a recent walkthrough video, the Space Camper’s team breaks down everything from opening their camper with air power, putting up the Murphy-style bed and configuring a mobile workstation. While their prototype is currently being displayed on a mock-up plywood truck for now, new photos show seamless integration with Tesla’s Cybertruck.

space campers for tesla cybertruck

Despite awaiting the exact dimensions of the Cybertruck, Space Campers continues to enhance their design in preparation for production. Their latest feature, “Loft Mode,” comes standard with every camper and suspends the bed six feet above the ground, outside the camper, for daytime lounging or stargazing.

New renders also share a closer look at plans for a fully equipped camp kitchen, with modular countertops, induction cooktops, storage compartments, and a stainless-steel sink. While other accessories like a shower and bathroom are still in development, pricing for all add-ons is now available online for a more comprehensive look at costs for a fully-equipped camper. Free installation of accessories is still being offered to presale buyers and add-ons will be available for purchase individually to suit different needs.

space campers for tesla cybertruck

“The waiting game for the Cybertruck is coming to an end and we can’t wait to get our camper on the real thing,” said Lee Wilkerson, Space Campers founder. “We’re expecting things to move fast across the next few months.”

Space Campers also appears to be “testing the waters” for a crowdfunding campaign in 2023. A form to submit your investment interest and join their email list is currently live on their website.

Reserving a wedge camper requires a $100 deposit that’s fully refundable up until order fulfillment. Space Campers is also compiling a waitlist for their non-hinging truck cap designed for the Cybertruck. Learn more here.