Ultra-Yacht Intros Solar Charging Electric Boat

Age of Ultra

Yes, we know. Boats have had green vehicle options for millenia using these things called “sails” and “oars.” However, unless you have a hold filled with shanghaied prisoners or the skill to sling lines and canvas, you’re not going to make good time getting away from shore (or back to it). Electric motors are a much faster option for getting to your favorite fishing spot and you don’t want to pollute the water. To that end Ultra-Yacht is introducing its first ever All-Electric Duffy Boat.

ultra yacht eboat

It features a solar charging option and you’ll find it at the St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show. Dubbed the Duffy Bayshore 18, it’s a zero-emission, ultra-quiet, low maintenance boat that now has the added benefit of being able to top off its batteries using power from the sun.

The Bayshore can comfortably transport up to nine people and operate at cruising speed for up to 12 hours. The vessel is 18′ long with a beam of 7’10” and has a top speed of about 6 MPH. The Duffy Bayshore offered at the St. Pete Boat Show was built by the Duffy Electric Boat Company in California, with the final assembly and the installation of the solar charging option completed in Florida by Ultra-Yacht. Introduced at the show for $59,596, the Duffy Bayshore offers an affordable and low maintenance alternative to traditional combustion engine boats.

Ultra-Yacht Founder and CEO Ed Kolodzieski commented, “The Duffy Electric Boat Company has been making the first and finest electric boats right here in the USA for over 50 years. Starting today, we are able to offer a great Duffy boat that has been enhanced with a Solar Charging option for a carefree full day on the water.”

Kolodzieski further commented, “A Duffy is an outstanding way to explore the natural beauty of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, bays, lakes and rivers while producing Zero-Emissions. It is great to relax and have fun at five miles per hour without ever stopping for gas.”

When Marshall “Duffy” Duffield placed the motor from a secondhand golf cart into the hull of a beat-up motorboat more than 50 years ago, he never dreamed about the idea of launching the prototype for the Duffy boat. Now recognized worldwide as the finest electric-powered watercraft available, Duffy boats are built with the finest marine quality materials.

Designed to outmaneuver all other electric boats, Duffy electric boats are built in Adelanto, CA. Duffy boats meet the highest quality control standards for withstanding the rigors of a saltwater environment.

Duffy’s advanced DC motors (only one moving part) and composite weedless propellers are warrantied for the life of the original owner.