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What’s the latest from the Summit Racing Brand team? They’ve introduced bellhousing dowel pins that ease transmission installs, water-resistant engine covers that protect your newly built engines from dust and corrosion, and grommets that prevent wires from getting cut when run through firewalls and other sheet metal.

Bellhousing Dowel Pins

summit racing dowels
Anyone that has done a transmission knows that it can be a pain-in-the- you-know-what to get the bellhousing and engine block bolt holes to line up. That’s why you need Summit Racing Bellhousing Dowel Pins. Besides precisely aligning the holes so you don’t risk stripping the threads on the bolts or in the block, the dowel pins also eliminate shifter linkage binding and extend bearing and transmission life. The dowel pins are available in a variety of sizes and offsets to fit most popular Ford and GM engines.

Universal Fit Engine Cover

summit racing covers
OK, so you’ve got your engine all buttoned-up and ready to go. You don’t want your freshly built mill getting all dusty, dirty, and corroded from sitting around, do you? We didn’t think so. That’s why you need a Summit Racing Universal Fit Engine Cover. It’s made from water-resistant black polyester fabric to keep your engine clean and dry. Its generous 24-inch wide x 27.75-inch high x 32-inch long size covers most engines, and a drawstring keeps it tight around the engine and holds it securely in place. The included storage bag keeps the cover clean when not in use.

Grommet Assortment Kits

You can’t wire a car or truck without routing some wires through various sheetmetal parts. A big problem is when the wire gets cut on the sharp edges of the holes it passes through, causing all sorts of electrical gremlins—not to mention creating a fire hazard.

Summit Racing Grommet Assortment Kits eliminate these issues. Simply place the grommets into the holes, feed the wires through them, and voilà—no more cuts.

The Summit Racing Grommet Assortment Kits are available in 48- and 82-piece kits. There’s even a chart inside the storage case that shows the thickness of the sheetmetal the grommets work with, the hole size, and the maximum wire diameter that will fit through them.


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